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Vision and Medical Services

Our optometrists on staff can perform your basic eye and contact lens exam, as well as diagnose/treat medical eye conditions such as eye infections and Dry Eye Disease. Our doctors also work closely with eye surgeons while managing post-LASIK and post-Cataract patients.

Nearsightedness (Myopia) is increasing more and more every year due to the rising use of computers and technology. We are now offering Orthokeratology, a NON-surgical cornea reshaping technique, to help decrease or stop the progression of nearsightedness. It is an incredible procedure that will allow potential candidates to see clearly without the use of glasses and daytime contacts. It can also be an alternative to LASIK! Like braces for the teeth, it’s essentially braces for the eyes!

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Dry Eye is a medical condition that commonly occurs due to aging, contact lens use, LASIK/cataract surgery, medications like antihistamines, computer/phone use, and environmental factors (dry/low humidity). There is increased incidence of Dry Eye in women. If you are frequently using over-the-counter artificial tear drops and your symptoms are not improving, our doctors may be able to offer other treatments – from prescription dry eye drops to scleral contact lenses.

Our State-of-the-Art Equipment

iCare ic100 Tonometer

Scared of seeing the eye doctor because of the dreaded eye puff machine? No worries, here at Socialeyes we use the iCare tonometer which is a quick and painless device that can take your eye pressures without any air or drops.

Eidon Retinal camera

Our Eidon retinal camera gives impressive wide field image quality even without dilation. The super-high quality, resolution, and detail of the images helps aid in early detection and management of sight-threatening pathologies such as diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Medmont E300 Corneal Topographer

The Medmont corneal topographer maps the curved surface of the cornea and does a non-invasive dry eye analysis. This gold-standard instrument allows the doctors to get accurate readings of the cornea to be able to better evaluate each patient in need of specialty contact lenses such as Ortho-k, sclerals, and hard to fit gas permeables.

Octopus 600

The new Octopus perimeter is capable of covering the most important stages of disease progression such as glaucoma, allowing both for early diagnosis and follow-up. Because the test is efficient and accurate, it opens doors for more routine visual field testing to ensure no pathology goes undetected. The fast-threshold testing option allows the visual field examination to be reduced to 2-4 minutes instead of the typical 8-12 minutes per eye.

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